November 22nd, 2006 by Keith

Adobe Flash Player 9 Update Beta 2 for Linux

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Macromedia Flash

Ever since Adobe Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux was released last month, this has spark a great interest from users from the Linux communities to push forth the development of this Flash 9 for Linux. The good news is Adobe® Flash® Player 9 Update Beta 2 is now released at Adobe Labs. This is a beta version, and is under development. The good thing, is that it has been made available for developers and end-users to test out the content to ensure compatibility with most flash playbacks.

The Flash Player beta is available in all languages; however, the beta installers are only in English. Note that, the beta downloads are also available for the Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ and Linux platforms.

Several issues have been fixed, but there are some remaining known issues yet to be resolved. More information are available in the release note.

I have listed out a step-by-step instruction to install Flash Player 9 for Linux below. It doesn’t even take a minute to get it working.

  1. First of all, download the Installer for Linux here.

  2. Unzip the package and Read the instruction in the README.txt file (This is to ensure you read it carefully before you do anything drastic).
  3. Copy the file into your Mozilla home directory, i.e.,


  4. Restart your browser, and surf to a flash-enabled site
  5. Right-click on the flash, and you should be able to see the version of your flash player, working correctly.

The steps are pretty easy and simple. The requirement here, is that it is assumed you are using Firefox (or Mozilla-compatible) browser.

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Adobe Flash Player 9 Update for Linux Beta 2

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