November 3rd, 2006 by Keith

BitTorrent 5.0 Released

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The next major release of BitTorrent for Windows and Linux is now available. BitTorrent 5.0.0 is the latest, sophisticated file-sharing technology that de-centralises file-sharing techniques among users. Unlike other file-sharing softwares, BitTorrent uses .torrent files to provide information about the parts and pieces that make up the shared file. These are then used to provide information about other sharing users within the network. No files is explicitly loaded onto the server to be downloaded.

BitTorrent is also available in over 20 languages, harnessing a community of over 70 million users to deliver files to your PC faster than anything else out there.

Some features include:

  • * Dynamic bandwidth management allows you to download content without disrupting web browsing, email, or other applications
  • * Detailed graphs and stats on the health of digital media files provide you a safer, more controlled downloading experience
  • * Accelerated transfer speed without the need to reconfigure any hardware through local peer discovery and automatic port mapping

BitTorrent is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform.

Download Link:
BitTorrent 5.0.0 for Windows
BitTorrent 5.0.0 for Linux (.deb)
BitTorrent 5.0.0 for Linux (.rpm)
BitTorrent 4.4.1 for Mac OS X

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