November 26th, 2006 by Keith

DownTube 2.0 – Brings YouTube to your doorstep

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Videos hosted on YouTube can’t be downloaded directly onto your PC, unless you use some special software to extract the video content. Downtube 2.0 is one such application that allows users to download video from YouTube. Available in three basic languages, i.e. English, Spanish and Portuguese, Downtube provides an alternative to watch the video offline.

As video content from YouTube are basically flash movies, therefore video can only be viewable through a flash player. However, DownTube offers other means to let you watch them.

Key Features

  • · Download the videos and watch them later using the “Video Manager”. A simple two clicks automates all the necessary procedures. No external plugins or programs are needed.
  • · Provide video conversional directly into MPEG format with no boring and complex set-up actions. Other external programs to convert into VideoCD are not necessary.
  • · Bring YouTube directly into your cellular phone. A 3GP converter allows the conversion of videos to a format thoroughly compatible with cell phones.
  • · Support download resume.
  • · If you do not want to open your internet browser to watch a video again, users can watch it from inside your Downtube.

Both Linux and Windows platforms are available.

Download Link
Downtube 2.0

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  1. Mandy Lainee Says:

    Youtube is my favorite website and i am so addicted in watching music videos in it !

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