November 28th, 2006 by Keith

Drupal 5.0 Beta 2 Released

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Following the last Beta 1 release, Drupal has once again release the next beta version, Drupal 5.0 Beta 2. It comes with several new features, including a web-based install system, improved administration tools, and a totally shiny new theme.

Since Beta 1, there have been a lot of bug fixes after having reviewed and committed over 160 patches, which is roughly five every single day. Hopefully this Beta 2 version can be overturned into a release candidate soon.

Drupal is an open source content management software, equipped with a powerful blend of features. Supporting a large variety of ranging from personal weblogs to podcast sites and community driven sites, Drupal has also been used to serve large media sites.

Underneath this latest version 5 of Drupal includes lots of improvements, such as the inclusion of jQuery Javascript Library, node access system improvement (ACL), Form API improvement, and even more.

Download the source here.

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