November 30th, 2006 by Keith

Inquisitor 3 Beta 2 for Safari

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As Google Desktop might have providing one of the most personalised search, favoured by Windows users, Inquisitors 3 might be one that Mac OS X users are looking for, as alternatives. The latest release of Inquisitor 3.0 Beta 2 provides an enhanced web searching experience by learning from your daily usage on web searching and then adapting to the experience that you are likely to be looking for. This adaptation is a training process where the software learns your behaviour and finds the result based on the most probable outcome that you are looking for.

Things, such as, websites visited before are flagged and prioritised, and keywords that have been recently used are adapted. Basically the intelligence of the application to provide you with the closest result is based on your history usage.

The advantage of Inquisitor over Google Personalised Search is that, users need not worry about some corporation logging onto your information, as the application runs on your machine. Moreover, the software is free for download. Donations are, of course, appreciated.

Download Link
Inquisitor 3 Beta 2

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