November 6th, 2006 by Keith

KGB Archiver – Compression Utility

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KGB Archiver

When asked about compression utility, which of the few formats come into mind? The common ones are .zip, .rar, .gz, .7zip, and even more… However, it was not until I found one that gave one of the highest compression ratio, known as the KGB Archiver

This compression utility has an unbeliveable high compression rate, which even surpasses some of the most efficient compression utility such as 7zip, UHARC and even RAR, in terms of abilities. Of course, with such powerful tool, it comes at a great price too (not money). The requirement to run this application is a processor with a minimum of 1.5GHz and 256MB RAM. Note that, these are the minimum requirement, a huge file archive would need more processing power and memory to enable KGB Archiver to run efficiently.

Thought it might just be another compression tool, but wait. KGB Archiver also support AES-256 encryption which is used to encrypt the archives, one of the strongest encryption algorithm known today.

Take a look at the compression rate below:

KGB Archiver

More information about different file formats are available here, e.g., tests showing MPEG compression, JPEG compression, as well as simple text compression.

Up till now, everything has been so wonderful. Unfortunately, there is only one drawback. (No, I don’t see computing power or memory as drawbacks as today’s computers are much capable of meeting that requirement). The disadvantage here is that it only runs on Windows platform. Linux users may have to use Wine to backport the application in WIN32 environment (never tried that, but I presume it might work).

The bottomline is, KGB provides an awsome powerful compression rate than any other compression tool I’ve seen. I’ll use it for archiving library of files. However, if need to send files to users (running on different platform), I might just fall back to .zip, .rar. or .gz.

Download Link:
KGB Archiver

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