November 7th, 2006 by Keith

Local Live – The Ultimate Google Earth Terminator

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Microsoft Virtual Earth

At first when Google announced Google Earth, we thought there is no way any other major enterprise is able to do that. However, within a short time, Microsoft revealed their ultimate tool to challenge that – Microsoft Virtual Earth. Integrated with Local Live, Microsoft Virtual Earth is not just a replicate of Google Earth; beside creating a mapping from an aerial view, it also has enhanced its capability and visual with 3D sights, capable of looking in a three-dimensional way.

Local Live also integrates mapping, together with globe-exploring services, and additional capability to zoom around the three-dimensional planet, looking from different angles. Unlike Google’s 3D views with grey boxes representing building structures, Microsoft Virtual Earth’s 3D visual look is highly photo-realistic.

As the Virtual Earth has their own apps, the service will have an API, and basically, if you want to hear the disappointment side, well, it works only in Internet Explorer.

So, if you don’t believe a word I say about Microsoft Virtual Earth, and still insisting that Google Earth is better, you might as well check it out yourself.

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