November 11th, 2006 by Keith

Photobie 2.9.2 – Free Image and Photo Editor

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Over the few months, I have introduced several different types of Photo and Image editors, some free and some not. Here, I am again, introducing a new image and photo editing software, known as Photobie 2.9.2. As a complete imaging editing software, customised for true colour photo retouching, Photobie 2.9.2 is a free application that users can download to use and also free to distribute.

Unlike many other commercial and free imaging editing tools, Photobie is custom-made to cater for the needs of home users, or end users. The developers of Photobie has focused to build a software that is easy-to-use, yet fully equipped with essential tools for graphics manipulations. While Photoshop is more for experts, Photobie is made for amateurs. However, in so saying, it does not mean there is any lack of important tools.

Click on the image on the top right to see the photo-realistic editing capability.

Within Photobie, there is a unique intuitive layer manager that allows users to handle multiple layers with ease, which is particularly useful and vital for image editing. It beholds a wide variety of painting tools that are crucial for photo retouching. In addition, the application supports Photoshop filters (.8BF) plugins, which means that Photobie users can apply thousands of free filters to their images. More functionalities include an advanced screen capture, a simplest GIF animation tool, and a photo framing tool. Furthermore, Photobie also integrates the file explorer within the application so that batch processes can be performed on several files, at once.

Programmed using .NET framework, it means one of the requirement is that .NET framework 1.0 or higher is required to be installed in your PC. However, if you are using Windows XP, most likely you already have .NET framework 1.1 installed through windows live update. Please check the installed program list in the “Control Panel”. If not, you can always run Windows Update (or Microsoft Update) to install the .NET framework into your computer.

Photobie is available in English language, and also in French and Chinese.

Download Link:
Photobie 2.9.2

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