November 16th, 2006 by Keith

RipIt4Me – Backup Copy Protected DVDs

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Compared to CDs, DVDs contain far more storage space, and usually valuable information can be stored and encrypted in DVDs. However, a copy-protected DVD is not one that you can easily duplicate and copy the files into your harddisk drive without decryption. So, you’ll need a tool, to BACKUP your protected DVDs to an alternative media. An example of such application is RipIt4Me

This application allows users to backup protected DVDs in a hassle-free way. The program is fully automated with a wizard to guide you throughout the process. Furthermore, there is also a “one-click” mode which will prompt the application to automatically perform the ripping in a single click.

As DVD ciphering are getting stronger with recent DVDs released, such as ArccOS and RipGuard DVD, some programs are unable to handle these types of DVDs. However, RipIt4Me is capable of doing so.

Change Log

  • * Fixed a serious bug that could cause crashes during the analysis if a cell was assigned a command that did not exist. This was the case for “Thirteen Ghosts”, thanks for the bug report! Keep them coming!
  • * Fixed the problem that some users were having with (”Cannot read sector 16″). The problem should no longer occur, but just in case…
  • * If you get “Cannot read sector 16 errors”, selecting “Microsoft API” in the preferences will revert to the “old” way of accessing the DVD ( This is temporary, until we can confirm that the read error has been eradicated!
  • * The audio and subpic attributes were not always modified in video_ts.ifo. This is now fixed.

RipIt4Me is a freeware utility and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Link:
RipIt4Me Site

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