November 29th, 2006 by Keith

ScrapeTorrent 2.0 Beta

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ScrapeTorrent is pleased to announce that their latest version of ScrapeTorrent 2.0 Beta is now running. According to Brian, the torrent search engine will be out of beta within the next 24 hours. Some of the change logs are as follow:

  • * Search results now combined into a single list of results and ordered by sorting choice.
  • * Added sort option. Availiable sort options are by seeds, date, size, and name.
  • * The results pages can drop and load upon clicking the result.
  • * Advanced Search allows you to limit your results by several very powerful filtering options.
  • * Pretty little health meter for each result.
  • * Duplicate torrent filter option.
  • * Porn filtering option.
  • * Better preference handling and setting.
  • * A total of 8 searcable sites. (to start!)
  • * Sort option can be sent through Firefox searchplugin. Ex. “The Office *D” will sort by date.

This is certainly a powerful search engine, as it allows users to search the following sites, TorrentSpy, IsoHunt, PirateBay, MiniNova and MegaNova, all at the same time.

Check out the site Now!

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