November 2nd, 2006 by Keith

Watchman 7.0 – Firewall Solutions

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Instead of using Windows Firewall that comes with Microsoft Windows XP SP 2, why not try out something else, such as Watchman 7.0? One of the growing reputable choice for firewall solution, Watchman provides the ultimate choice to protect your system from unwanted intrusion and malicious attacks.

Equipped with a simple interface, yet Watchman delivers an excellent service to protect files in your computer. Furthermore, it supports usage logging and flexible access control management.

Some of these features:

  • - Stops unwanted applications
  • - Protects system settings
  • - Protects documents from tampering
  • - Monitors application usage
  • - Sends security alerts by e-mail

Well, good softwares do come at a price. Nonetheless, the evaluation product is downloadable from the link below. If you are interested in buying it, a pricing table provides you a list that will cost you from buying several units of the software license. A single unit cost price is $49.

Download Link:
Watchman 7.0 (evaluation for free)

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