December 5th, 2006 by Keith

Azureus 3.0 Beta – Also Launches New Website

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Zudeo Beta

The well-known Azureus software has a new face. Just recently, it has released its latest version, the Azureus 3.0 Beta. Furthermore, they have a brand new shining website, known as Zudeo.

I believe the reason of this move is because the domain names for azureus has been taken up by other owners, and thus trying to find a good domain name, I forsee Azureus might have a name change.

Powered by Azureus, Zudeo (the website) is a video sharing website, similar to that of YouTube, but users will have to download the movie clip in order to watch. The brand new server means that Azureus is also coming up with new stuffs, such as new content layer, including rating system, comments, easy sharing feature, and link to “digg” content.

According to Torrentfreak, the project was initially funded by BV Capital, a company that has previously supported projects like and peerflix, and received another $12 million in a second round of funding, led by Redpoint Ventures.

The difference of Zudeo from YouTube is that, the new technology focuses on delivering high quality video content and full length programs. It is fully dedicated to offer DRM free content, but paid download may just happen in the future. So fingers crossed.

Download Site
Azureus 3.0 Beta

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