December 30th, 2006 by Keith

Everything I Own! 3.4 – Inventory Accounting

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Everything I Own!

Being a master of the house isn’t easy especially if you want to keep track of what has been bought, sold or given away. It is vital to take complete control an accounting inventory of the household inventory. For example, in case of flood or fire, or in the event of burglary, how would one remember what has been lost or taken? This is probably why Everything I Own! is useful.

The software allows home owner to take account of the household inventory, including brands, price, warranties, models and even serial numbers. It could prove invaluable when it comes to insurance claim and replacement costs.

Some Features Include

  • * The name of each item
  • * The brand
  • * The model
  • * The serial numbers
  • * Its type
  • * The purchase date
  • * The location in your home
  • * And any additional information that you’d like to include.

The application is free for trial for up to 30 days. If you are happy with the use, it costs only $19.95 for a full license.

Download Link
Everything I Own! 3.4

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