December 27th, 2006 by Keith

Mathpad 1.0

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How would you like to write some mathematical equations? Usually, rich text editors such as Word Pad or Microsoft Word won’t be able to do so (with the exception of built-in Equation editor for MS Word). Perhaps, Mathpad 1.0 might help you with your task of writing mathematical equations.

As a simple yet powerful mathematical editor, Mathpad can mix together ordinary text and any mathematical expressions, the way LaTeX does. It is ideal for Maths teachers to create tests, quizzes and handouts. The outputs can also be saved as image.


  • * Stand alone math text editor.
  • * Easily make exponents, subscripts, fractions and roots.
  • * Unlimited expression complexity.
  • * Many word processor like options.

Check out the screen shot at the right-hand side to have a feel of how it looks like. Note that, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has to be installed in your computer before the program can run.

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Mathpad 1.0

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