December 20th, 2006 by Keith

SecretWeb 5.1a – Maintain Privacy While Surfing

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How would you like to keep out nosy people who are trying to trace what you are doing or browsing while online? Then, SecretWeb is probably one of the essential tools that you will need to maintain your secrecy.

SecretWeb 5.1a is a tool that allows you to secretly navigate over the web, in a way when you are surfing some particular websites, your desktop screen remains clear from browsing tools. A combination of keys (known as Secret keys or Hot keys) when pressed allows your web browser to disappear instantly from the screen, and not even on your taskbar.

It is particularly useful when someone important walks into the room, and you have no time to shut down your browser, or navigate away. An instant activation of this combination of key strokes just might save your day. When disappeared, another combination of keys will bring the browser back again. It also has an embedded RSS reader and a FTP client built-in on the application.

To know how useful this can be, use it for free!

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SecretWeb 5.1a

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