December 17th, 2006 by Keith

Zina 1.0 RC 1 – MP3 Streamer

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Don’t be mistaken. Zina 1.0 RC 1 is not an MP3 player nor a jukebox that runs from your computer. Instead, it is a graphical interface engine that adds to your MP3 collection that can run on its own, embedded into an existing website.

Furthermore, if you run a CMS site such as Postnuke, PHPNuke, Xoops, Mambo, Drupal or e107, it has module for Zina to be plug onto the site. Think of it as Andromeda, it is similiar to that, except it is released under the GNU GPL.


  • * MP3 / OGG / WAV / WMA / Real Audio streaming
  • * Custom and “Session” Playlists
  • * RSS/Podcasts (as of v0.12.03)
  • * Random, non-repeating playlists by albums or songs
  • * “Skip Track:” Easily exclude songs from albums and random playlists
  • * Searching
  • * Simple Installation (no database)
  • * Easy to configure:(uses regular text and graphic files for customization)
  • * Can be used as a Postnuke, PHPNuke, Xoops module or MamboServer component. Drupal, phpWebsite and e107, DragonflyCMS supported as of v0.12.x.
  • * Can downsample mp3s on the fly (with external encoder like LAME)
  • * Can dynamically resize images if your version of PHP (with GD library) supports it.
  • * Localization support: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, French, Danish, Bulgarian, Croation, Hebrew, Basque, Russian, Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Catalan, Brazilian, Albanian, Romanian, Finnish, Greek, Kannada, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Estonian, Slovenian, Polish.
  • * Many of the features of Andromeda (at least the last time I looked in, um, 2003)
  • * Many other features (see Changelog)
  • * Released under GNU General Public License

Note that it only runs on Apache. IIS is not supported. However, there are ways to work about for it to run on other platform. Read more about the requirement below.


  • * PHP 4.1.x on the Apache web server
  • * Any web browser that supports JavaScript and CSS.
  • * An media player (Winamp, xmms, mpg123, etc.) that supports .m3u or .asx playlists.

Download Link
Zina 1.0 RC 1

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