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April 22nd, 2007 by Keith

Nero Linux 3 Beta – Powered by Nero Burning ROM Engine

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Nero Burning ROM

As a Windows user, it is quite likely that you (Windows users) will agree with me that Nero Burning ROM is probably one of the best, if not the best, CD burning application. Now, a Linux version has also been developed to explore the possibility of show-casing its burning capability in Linux operating systems.

Nero Linux 3 (currently under Beta development) is powered by the industry-leading Nero Burning ROM engine. It is able to record the following formats:

  • - CD
  • - DVD
  • - HD DVD
  • - Blu-ray


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April 22nd, 2007 by Keith

SMPlayer 0.3.34

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MPlayer is a very used multimedia (video) player in Linux. To compliment the use of this utility, SMPlayer is developed as a complete front-end for MPlayer.

This application uses MPlayer as the engine, and has the capability to play the most known video and audio formats without the need of external or third-party codec. It has some of the basic features, such as playing DVDs and VCDs, to advanced features such as MPlayer filters.

With SMPlayer, it has the ability to remember the settings of all the files you have played. Therefore, you will resume the movie from where you have stopped, and there is no need to worry about having to open that movie and configure the settings, e.g. audio track, subtitles and volume, etc.

Download Link
SMPlayer 0.3.34 (Linux)
SMPlayer 0.3.34 (Windows)

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April 22nd, 2007 by Keith

Fast Image Resizer 0.87

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Fast Image Resizer

Batch resizing image is now easier with adionSoft Fast Image Resizer 0.87. Designed specifically to perform the task of image resizing on very large number of images is now easier and definitely faster.

The latest release of version 0.87 also includes the capability to add filename selection and auto crop images options.

Although there are several other programs that can perform similar tasks, but it’s not easy if you want to process thousands of images as quickly as possible. This software is simply dedicated to the task of resizing, and therefore makes the operations very quickly.


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April 21st, 2007 by Keith

Smultron 3.0.1 – Text Editor

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Created and designed by Peter Borg, Smultron 3.0 is a free text editor for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This application is rather easy to use.

Despite its simplicity, it is also a rather powerful software. It has been designed to contain all the advantages of a Cocoa application and some of its features, such as tabs, line numbers, syntax colour support, multiple language, function list, text encoding support, snippets, toolbar, status bar, preview, split window, document search and several others.

Embedded within the text editor, there are also some hidden preferences which expert users can configure to suit their needs. More information can be found here.

Download Link
Smultron 3.0.1

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April 20th, 2007 by Al

Contact Us

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If you wish to get in touch with us regarding any of our posts or policies please complete the following form.


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April 20th, 2007 by Keith

Notes 0.9 for Linux

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Developed for the IRIX desktop, Notes 0.9 for Linux is a small ViewKit/Motif applet that provides a “post-it” -like notes function. It is designed to integrate with toolchest, but it can be run from the command line as well.

Notes uses the file format of the excellent MS-Windows post-it note application called “Stickies”.

So, basically, I need not elaborate further, Notes 0.9 for Linux is perhaps a “sticky” replacement for Linux users.

Download Link
Notes 0.9 for Linux

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April 19th, 2007 by Keith

Winners for Joost Invitations are…

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Joost Overlay

We have just had our Joost Giveaway Invitations yesterday which the response turns out to be better than expected.

I just wondered if I had given a poor instruction as some of the people did not actually do what was required; that is “…Simply leave a comment of your wish for the next generation of Web Media (software or device)…

But anyway, it probably make my life easier by streamlining the winners who got the invites to… *drum rolls*….

…..exactly 3 people.

Congratulations to the following winners below:

  1. Miketeleporter
  2. olivervirtual womens (gosh… you must have watched too much sci-fi movies)
  3. CyberEddielight-weight, solar-based, multimedia with wifi-capable device

Winners will be notified by emails shortly. So, remember to check your email account (the one that you have used when making your post).

Update: Invites have been sent out to the respective emails. Joost should be sending you the information shortly. Enjoy!

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April 19th, 2007 by Keith

Time Flies 1.0

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Time Flies

Want to have a new screen saver showing flying time? Time Flies 1.0 is a Screen Saver for Apple’s Mac OS X, developed and designed by Mathew Pridham of Web Diligence.

The application allows Mac user to customise the screen saver so that it display the current time floating, tumbling and moving about the screen, when the system is in screen saver mode. This small application is a rather interesting software. It is available free for download.

Download Link
Time Flies 1.0

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April 18th, 2007 by Keith

Giveaway from SoftSift, Free Joost Invitations

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Due to good responses for Joost, we are going to giveaway 3 free Joost invitations to our readers.

Simply leave a comment of your wish for the next generation of Web Media (software or device). In 24 hours’ time, the best 3 innovative ideas will be picked by Al and myself.

Good luck!

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