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June 15th, 2007 by Keith

Skype Beta for Linux

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Skype for Linux

Just released only, Linux users can only be happy to receive the news that they are not forgotten by the Skype developers. Skype Beta for Linux has just been released.

In order to run this version on your computer system, the following hardware requirement is necessary:

  • * 400 Mhz processor or faster.
  • * 256 MB RAM.
  • * 20 MB free disk space on your hard drive.
  • * Microphone and speakers or headset.
  • * Internet connection (broadband is best, GPRS is not supported for voice calls, and results may vary on a satellite connection).

In addition, the software requirement for this application is:

  • * Qt 4.2.1+
  • * D-Bus 1.0.0
  • * libsigc++ 2.0.2
  • * libasound2 1.0.12

Binaries for various distributions, e.g. SuSE, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.., are available for download from this site.

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June 15th, 2007 by Keith

4Neurons Eraser 1.0

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Worried about your deleted files being compromised? Knowing some applications have the capability to restore deleted files that has been emptied from the Windows’ Recycle Bin, it can compromise user’s privacy and security. Basically, what we need is a delete function that is capable of completely removing every single trace of the file in your hard disk, making it impossible for any recovery.

And, 4Neuron Eraser is one such program that actually performs this specific task. 4Neuron Eraser ensures that files erased are impossible to be recovered with any file recovering softwares.

The standard “Delete” method merely removes filename from the directory list and marks the space occupied on the hard disk as free so that it can used by other files. However, without manipulating that specific space, the entire content of the “erased file” remains intact and thus can be easily recovered.

This file-removing software physically removes the content of the file by overwriting the occupied space multiple times with randomly-generated data just completely deleting the file.

….4Neurons Eraser uses custom pseudo-random number generator with enormous period and large seed value…

By overwriting the same spot several times with chaotic, random data, the original content can never be recovered nor reconstructed.

Note that, a 30-day trial version is available for download below; a license copy costs only $24.95.

Download File
4Neuron Eraser 1.0

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June 14th, 2007 by Keith

iStat Pro 4.1 – by iSlayer

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Designed especially for system monitoring of Macintosh machines, iStat Pro is an extremely powerful widget consisting of nine sections which can be minimized, expanded or closed.

Some of the Detailed Information provided are:


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June 14th, 2007 by Keith

Health Keeper

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Health Keeper

Useful for people who spend a huge amount of time working on PC; this program, Health Keeper, is simply a diagnostic tool, i.e. it performs periodical breaks in the work to refresh users’ mind and body and relaxes the eyes. No doubt it is taking some time off from work, but it helps to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome and other diseases by giving your eyes some break from intensive staring.


  1. * It prevents Computer Vision Syndrome.
  2. * It helps prevent varicose veins disease.
  3. * It enhances the efficiency of mental tasks, attention and productivity of a computer user.
  4. * It helps the user to stay in good health and feel well when working at the computer.
  5. * It returns the “sense of time”. It helps you to divide the time on current tasks adequately and avoid time-consuming distraction by nonessential tasks.


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June 13th, 2007 by Keith

Apple Makes Safari 3 Public Beta for Windows

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Apple Safari

Launching a vicious attack at microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominance in Window’s web browsing market, Apple unleashed their very own Safari Internet browser for Window users.

According to Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive,

“…We’d like Safari’s market share to grow. We are bringing all the Safari innovations to Windows. What we’ve got is the most innovative browser in the world and the fastest browser on Windows…”

Apple will distribute Safari as part of its iTune online store that sells music, movies and other content for the company’s globally popular iPod MP3 players.


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June 12th, 2007 by Keith

Share 0.3b Beta – Sharing Files from Anywhere

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File-sharing is very common these days, but if you are mobile traveller and chances are that your data is always on your computer, instead of on your thumb drive (or any other removable media). Gaining access to data on your computer can be a headache when you are stuck with having to return (to work or home) and access your data. However, now this can be resolved with Share 0.3b, an application that allows Mac users to access information on your computer from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Users can use Share to access data remotely using only a web browser! In other word, Share acts like a web server that can be accessed by users over the Internet – thus making file sharing easier and simpler.


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June 11th, 2007 by Keith

Dual Timer 1.1

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Dual Timer

The Dual Elapsed Timer for Windows, also known as Dual Timer, is great for anyone who is in need to keep track of time. Because of its dual screen, it can be used in conjunction with the countdown clocks.


  • #Use transparent backgrounds (Windows XP and 2000 only)
  • #Totally free meaning you can use it anywhere without paying or viewing advertising
  • #Two elapsed timers
  • #The timers can be minimized in the system tray
  • #The digits can be any color
  • #The clock can be resized to virtually any size on your desktop including FULL SCREEN.


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June 11th, 2007 by Keith

LifeType 1.2.3 – Blogging Application

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Similar to WordPress and b2evolution, LifeType 1.2.3 is an open-source blogging platform that supports multiple blogs and users in a single installation onto a web server.

LifeType requires at least PHP 4.3.0 and MySQL 3.23 to run. Regarding PHP, it is recommended to run the most recent version of either the PHP4 (4.4.0) or PHP5 branches (PHP 5.1.0). Apache is the preferred web server but LifeType should run fine under any web server as long as PHP is supported (including Microsoft Internet Information Services).


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June 10th, 2007 by Keith

PCAudi 1.10.0

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PC Audi

People with hearing problems can find it difficult trying to identify sounds made by the computer. With that, the PCAudi was developed to allow people with hearing disability to hear much better of the sound produced by the computer, through any program.

Some of these programs include, but not limited to, MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, WinAmp and Skype. The software has the resources used in digital aid devices of the last generation, but with greater quality, as it utilises the capacity of personal computer.

Download Application
PCAudi 1.10.0

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