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AudioFlash 1.2 – Record Convert and Upload

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AudioFlash is a free streaming audio recording software. The application allows users to quickly and easily add audio on to websites by creating MP3 compressed audio files and a set of Play, Pause and Stop buttons (SWF Flash). These flash-generated audio enables visitors to have complete control over the background music.

Once your audio and buttons have been created, users can copy and paste the generated HTML into another webpage or use the built-in FTP client to upload everything as-is to the server.


  • * Use it to record information to help sell your product or service
  • * Create multiple answers to frequently asked questions
  • * You can create audio tutorials for school or college class
  • * Explain a problem more clearly for technical support
  • * Create online audio information products you can sell
  • * Use it to create podcasts on your chosen subject
  • * Record audio notes on new tricks and techniques for software programs and upload them to your server, so you never forget them

Users have a total control on the output of the audio recording. For instance,

Audio Options

  • * choose between 3 x Sample Rates (48KHz, 44KHz and 32KHz)
  • * choose from any listed bit-rate from 192 bps right down to 32bps
  • * choose to record in stereo, mono or even dual-channel
  • * choose from dozens of audio player button colors to blend with any existing website design

Some of the new changes in version 1.2 is listed below.

Latest New Changes

  • * MP3 import facility
  • * Pausing during live audio recording
  • * 22KHz Sample Rate for smaller file sizes
  • * New application icon

No more hassling or worrying about your mp3 files being downloaded by others. Flash audio is probably the safest utility you can get.

Download Link
AudioFlash 1.2 [1.8MB]

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