January 1st, 2007 by Keith

BumpRace 1.5.2 – Arcade Game

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This software needs no introduction. As the title suggests, BumpRace 1.5.2 is a simple arcade game developed by Karl Bartel. One of two players can play the game. Players will have to race from the start to the finishing line without crashing into deadly blocks.

The game basically has very simple rules, so it is quite easy to follow.

New Changes

  • * new background picture
  • * players collide in two player mode
  • * minor fixes and cleanups
  • * improved backspace handling in text input (fixes problem under Mac OS X)

The SDL-library is required to run the application.

This program is available in several platforms, including Solaris. The downloads for the respective platforms are available from the link below.

Download Links

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