January 31st, 2007 by Keith

Cygwin 1.5.24-2 Released

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The latest version of Cygwin 1.5.24-2 is released. This version release fixes only one bug that was introduced in the previous version, 1.5.24-1, of non-functional on XP 64-bit and 2003 Server 64-bit editions operating systems.

Many may not have heard of Cygwin. Basically, Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts:

  • - A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality.
  • - A collection of tools which provide Linux look and feel.

Except for Windows CE, Cygwin works with all recent, commercially released x86 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows operating systems. (Note that official support for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me will be discontinued with the next major version (1.7.0) of Cygwin.)

Although the application emulates a Linux environment, however it is not a way to run native Linux applications. To run Linux-based applications, users will always have to build from source to allow it to run under Windows, and also to take advantage of the Cygwin functionality.

Installation Link
Cygwin 1.5.24-2

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