January 9th, 2007 by Keith

DVD95 1.1p2 – DVD Conversion Tool

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No. It is not an old Windows 95 utility. In fact you may consider it as one of the latest free utility available for Linux users. DVD95 is a Gnome application that allows users to convert DVD9 to DVD5 (4.7GB format).

No additional packages required. dvdauthor is used to ensure that the application is optimised for speed. The interface (see thumbnail) is very simple and easy to use. Shrinking factor is available to be computed for best result. In addition, an adaptive compression ratio method may also be used.

DVDs can be converted to file tree or iso file using DVD95. Result can be seen using xine, vlc, or mplayer (or any compatible media player).

DVD95 support two copy modes :

  • – Menus less, one video title set, multiple audios an subtitles.
  • – With menus, one video title set, multiple audios an subtitles.

This release contains a few bug fixes.

Download Link
DVD95 1.1p2

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