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eBoard 1.0.2 – Chess Board Interface

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eboard is a chess board interface for Unix-like systems based on the GTK+ GUI toolkit for playing and studying chess. It has a graphical client to connect to Internet chess servers, an interface to computer chess engines and tools for the analysis, visualisation and study of chess games.

The primary purpose of eboard is serving as interface to FICS, but also allows you to play against a chess program, analyse saved games, and play with other eboard user on the Internet.



* Works with chess engines (programs that play chess) that are compatible with the xboard protocol (the majority of them).
* Supports the FICS protocol for Internet chess playing [FICS itself is not a closed protocol and is always evolving, eboard does its best to keep up with it]
* Reads and writes chess games in PGN (Portable Game Notation) format.

User Interface

* The size of the board can be adjusted anytime by resizing the eboard window.
* Faster promotion piece selection, without popups, the piece can be selected several moves before the actual pawn promotion.
* User-selected piece bitmaps. The pieces themes are stored in standard image formats like PNG, JPEG or TIFF, users can roll their own pieces if they want. Several community-contributed piece themes are available for download.
* Audio feedback: listen when you are challenged, when the opponent makes his move, when other ICS players talks to you, when your opponent offers a draw, when you’re running out of time.
* Multiple boards: analyze several games at once, watch several games at once on FICS, watch other games while you play.
* Language support: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Polish and Japanese.

ICS Features

* Scroll-locking: ICS output only scrolls when you are reading the most recent lines of output, allows you to read help files, tourney tables and other extense output more easily.
* Text input separated from ICS output, you can always see what you are typing.
* Input history similar to bash (up/down arrows move through the input history).
* You can have as many console windows as you wish, with regular expression matching to filter what is shown in each one.
* ICS output coloring makes ICS output easier to read.
* Highly configurable behavior: you can give each ICS channel its own console (like in IRC clients) or see all channels in one console.
* Seek table: shows all ICS seek ads in a properly formatted table.
* Bughouse support: shows both your game and your partner’s, and provides quick buttons for usual partner talk like “++Q”, “-Diag”, “Sit”.
* Works with timeseal. (you must download timeseal from FICS)

Note that eboard is distributed as source code. Users will need a C++ compiler (GCC 3.x or 4.x are fine) and the GTK 2.x libraries (any version above 2.4.0) to install and run this application. In addition, Perl 5 is required to be installed to compile eboard. Generally, most Linux distributions should fulfill the above requirements.

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eBoard 1.0.2

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