January 27th, 2007 by Keith

FilmManager 3.4.0 – Create and Manage Movie Files

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Creating and managing movies are now easier with FilmManager 3.4.0. The application is an easy-to-use management program for your movie collection. Titles of DVDs, Videos, DivX and MPEG movies are stored in a database such that each record can be quickly and easily edited when necessary.

The program also include powerful search and sorting functions which allow users to find movie quickly. Any additional information about any movie can also be downloaded from the Internet (via IMDB or Amazon), or directly from a movie. It just makes maintenance of your collection much easier.

Key Features

  •   Import movie info, pictures from Amazon DB, IMDB, OFDB
  •   Import original cover from darktown.to
  •   Multisearch Web for several movies
  •   Unlimited size movie list
  •   4 free editable additional fields
  •   Import data from Excel, CSV File
  •   Edit, print Cover (Slim, Standard, DVD, Booklet, CD) + Export PDF
  •   Add, Edit, Delete database functions
  •   Filter, Sort, Advanced Search function
  •   Loan and return movies
  •   Save max 4 Pictures per movie
  •   Import AVI file info
  •   Export movielist to HTML, PDF (with pictures) and Excel
  •   Create, customize own HTML templates
  •   Customize Movie additional info
  •   work with several databases
  •   set default fields
  •   Statistics

A demo version is available for downloading from the link below. A license copy costs only €20, if you are interested.

System Requirements

  • - Processor: Pentium I or higher
  • - RAM: 32 MB RAM, for NT and Win2000 128 MB
  • - Hard disc: 10 MB available on hard disc
  • - OS: Win98/ME/NT/Win2000/Win XP/Win Vista

Download Link
FilmManager 3.4.0

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