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Free Linux Shell Service – Anapnea.Net

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Anapnea is a free linux shell service that provides users with a list of free linux tools. Their slogan is “recovery of one’s breath; restoration of breath“.

This is not exactly a software, but it is a free linux service that provides membership to those who wish to run some basic linux commands on another server. A membership gives you SSH access to basic commands, plus applications such as irssi, wget, links, and many others.

Server Specifications and Features

  • Gentoo Linux
  • 2.8GHz Dual Xeon CPU
  • 8GB RAM, limit of 512MB for each user
  • 100Mbit Connection
  • Sysadmins that don’t snarl when you ask them silly questions

Users who have been approved of the membership also gets to receive the following:


  • 5MB disk space
  • MSN, AIM, YIM, and other clients (including ctorrent)
  • Perl, GCC, CLISP, Ruby, and many development tools
  • Misc. apps and games such as netris
  • Your own webspace at anapnea.net/~username/
  • SFTP access

To see a summarised list of the applications users can run on the server, type the following command upon entering the shell:

># apps

However it is important to note the following rules. Members are advised to act in a responsible manner.

Do Not:

  • Run IRC bots, BNCs, or abuse IRC in any way. If this occurs frequently we will cease to provide free IRC services.
  • Compile and run malicious code
  • Run any sort of server or service, including eggdrop bots, game servers, etc.
  • Use server resources to attack/port scan/massping other servers
  • Affect the functionning of the server in any negative manner
  • Disrespect the privacy of others
  • Deeply annoy the sysadmin
  • Store or host illegal content

Note that, despite this is a free service, but members do not used for 30 days, accounts may be deleted.

How To Join?

There are basically two approaches.

  1. Interested member can access #anapnea on irc.freenode.net, and talk to either Cyraq or lightdifference.
  2. Alternatively, users can also send an email to the administrator, Cyraq at this email address cyraqz@gmail.com, requesting for an account. Email should contain the following:
    • providing some basic info about yourself,
    • how you plan to use the account, and
    • your desired username.

Good Luck!

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