January 29th, 2007 by Keith

GNU nano 2.0.3 – Pico Text Editor

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nano screen shot

You won’t imagine this. I just love GNU nano. I have been using it ever since I first got to use Linux. I started off with vim, but I’m not really keen on learning all those hotkeys, so eventually I fell back onto Pico. Pico text editor is really wonderful, providing users with an easy-to-use interface. Sadly, there are a little problems, but finally nano came along.

Being an official GNU package, nano is certainly the package to use for anyone who enjoys text mode commands.

Key Features

  •   More Pico compatible by default
  •   Smooth scrolling (-S flag)
  •   Bracket matching (Meta-])
  •   nanorc support
  •   Color syntax highlighting
  •   Search and replace history editing
  •   Customizable quoting string (-Q flag)
  •   Append/prepend from write file menu
  •   Write selected text to file (^O after ^^)
  •   Multiple file buffers (-F flag)
  •   Mac/Dos/NoConvert file format (-M,-D,-N)
  •   Saved search/replace history (-H flag)
  •   Backup files (-B flag)
  •   Insert output of command (^X after ^R)

GNU nano is by no means just a simple text editor. It’s extremely powerful, almost as good as what you will do with your notepad. Ops, did I say notepad (thought that exists only in Windows). Anyway, the source is available from the link below. If you are running Linux, chances are you can get your precompiled binaries directly from your respective repositories.

Download Link
GNU nano 2.0.3

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