January 3rd, 2007 by Keith

I8kfanGUI 3.0 – DELL Notebook Fan Control Utility

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This is an extremely cool utility – a must have for all DELL notebook owners. When I say “cool” here, it means really good. I have been using I8kfanGUI Fan Control Utility on my Dell notebook for quite some time, and I find it to be an excellent too to keep your processor temperature low. It is useful, especially if you own a high-end processor laptop like mine – Mobile Intel Pentium IV 3.06GHz with Hyper-Threading.

Being able to control the fan of your processor is a very good thing, provided you know what you’re doing. Sometimes the XP kernel or the BIOS may not be good enough to adjust fan speed when the notebook starts to get too hot. In such situation, it may end up “frying” the processor, which is just not worth it. I8kfanGUI allows users to take direct control of the fan and configure the setting as required by the user. It also allows users to monitor the temperature, fan speed as well as CPU load when necessary.

Keeping the fan turned on maximum all the time may be a good idea, since it keeps the processor cool, thus increasing the lifespan of the processor. However, do note that, dust tends to be trapped under the heat sink and that is usually the cause of high temperature – when heat does not get dissipated quickly enough. When that happens, perhaps it is time to get someone who knows a bit of technical stuff with the laptop and open the casing to clean out those nasty dust creating a layer on the heat sink. After that, you’ll see a sudden drop in temperature, as though the laptop is running like a new one.

The latest and final version of I8kfanGUI 3.0 has just been released last month. Some of the new features and changes are noted here.

Change Log

  1. multi language support
  2. revised temperature control to support multiple sensors and fans in any combination
  3. system specific sensor and fan detection
  4. changeable colors for each tray icon
  5. updated minimizing to tray feature to make it more intuitive
  6. updated realtime cpu speed calculation for hyperthreading and multi core systems
  7. automatic detection and support of hyperthreading, multi core, and multi processor systems
  8. User interface redesigned and updated to Windows XP styles
  9. redesigned the history diagram for better readability
  10. support for Windows XP themes
  11. dropped support for Windows 98/ME

There is a huge list of Dell laptops (Inspiron, Latitude, Precision and Smartstep series) that have been tested and verified with this application for compatibility. Check that out from the site. Christian Diefer has developed this for Windows XP platform, but Linux versions of this utility are also available.

Download Link
I8kfanGUI 3.0

12 Responses to “I8kfanGUI 3.0 – DELL Notebook Fan Control Utility”

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  2. Thrrillseeka Says:

    this utility is amazing and i love whoever created it

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  5. Zach Zhang Says:

    Does anyone know a way to update this program to run with the Dell XPS 1530?

  6. jim Says:

    thanks for this utility.. it works gr8..

  7. PLayaX Says:

    This utility ROCKS!! absolutely love it.

  8. niek Says:

    Too bad it doesn’t work on Windows 7 64 bit. Failed to install the fanio drivers.

  9. niek Says:

    version 3.1 is released with 64 bit support – see http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/index.html

  10. Duane Says:

    Will this program work on a Dell Studio 1536? My wife’s lap top will show a message saying the unit is overheating and shuts down.

  11. saeed Says:

    i realy appreciate what brought to dell laptops especially as they burn out because of this dum temp
    i have I 5 and it suck when it is always shuts down when just playing on internet games
    many thanks good job :)

  12. tzepesch Says:

    doesn’t work under Win7 Home Premium x64, on dell 6400 E1505. Under W7X32 or Vista it rocks. On 64bit OS doesn.t install fanio drivers. neither version 3 or 3.1 for x64. Any Ideas?

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