January 27th, 2007 by Keith

MSN Buster 1.1 – Protect Against MSN

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MSN Buster

Boukrou must really hate MSN a lot such that he developed MSN Buster to prevent consistent connection to MSN. Actually, the main purpose of this application is to protect your children against MSN and computer addiction by allowing administrator to determine how long a session is to be live.

For example, it can be configured to close session, connections or even computer at particular time slots, or after the maximum duration time on a per-day basis or per-user basis is exceeded.

If you think your children is spending far too much time on the computer. Then it is time to use MSN Buster. Take control of your children before the computer takes control over them.

Download Link
MSN Buster 1.1 (English)
MSN Buster 1.1 (French)

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