January 10th, 2007 by Keith

My Pictures 3D Screensaver 1.1

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My Pictures 3D Screensaver

I suppose there is no need any detailed introduction about what is this application about. My Pictures 3D Screensaver 1.1 is a three-dimensional screen saver that runs on your Windows system. The photos from the screen saver resembles a virtual walk inside a gallery filled with amazing 3D galleries in a picturesque environment.

Users can decide to choose which gallery to run and select pictures to be displayed in it. Each time when the PC is not in active use, My Pictures 3D Screensaver will activate to show the 3D world featuring your photographic masterpieces and bringing back fond memories.

Some of the galleries include picturesque surroundings of a medieval castle, a Greek temple, and much more.

Download Link
My Pictures 3D Screensaver 1.1

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