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PowerFolder 1.1.0 – File Sharing Technology

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PowerFolder 1.1.0 is a peer-to-peer tool which synchronizes files between PCs in home-network, Intranet or over the Internet. Two editions are available: the free version, and the pro version. On the Internet, the application utilizes peer-to-peer technology to discover people whom you are exchanging files with. The main usage of using PowerFolder is basically for file sharing.

Main Purposes

  1. automatic file synchronization between computers,
  2. private filesharing,
  3. exchange of project files and data backup.

With PowerFolder, files are managed in virtual folders – multiple users or PCs may have access to the same folder. To grant other users or PCs access to your files an “invitation” (or authorisation) containing a unique secret access key to your folder will have to been given to them.

Developed in Java, this application is able to run in several platforms, i.e. Windows, Macintosh and Linux.


  • * File synchronization between multiple PCs over Internet or Lan
  • * Supports multiple languages
  • * Auto-detects changes
  • * Runs silently in system tray
  • * Easy-to-use user interface
  • * Easy installation and update, windows installer available
  • * Synchronize profiles control how folders get synchronized
  • * Pure peer-to-peer network. No server required
  • * MP3/ID3 tag support
  • * Out-of-Browser start (Java WebStart)
  • * Built-in compression of up- and downloads (GZIP)
  • * Cross platform compatibility. PowerFolder is written completely in Java
  • * Automatically detects nodes on local net like windows network
  • * Integrated support for dynamic-dns addresses
  • * Icon support for folders on windows systems
  • * Open-source

Download Link
PowerFolder 1.1.0

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