January 8th, 2007 by Keith

Shades 1.1.4r2 – Brightness Control

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How does one normally control the brightness of the screen? Use the control buttons on the monitor screen itself! Nonetheless, why not use a software to control its brightness? In that case, Macintosh users can make use of Shades to control the brightness of their screens. This program runs in the background providing always-available fine-grained control over the brightness of the display via a slick Mac-like interface.

All modern Apple laptops have brightness controls for dimming the screen in dark conditions. However, there are several situations where the built in controls are not satisfactory. The granularity of control is rather coarse, and the minimum brightness setting still quite bright when working in pitch darkness. The application allows you to modify the display brightness, coarseness and contrast to your own satisfaction. Furthermore, Shades will not change the display settings, and certainly will not alter the monitor’s colour profile.

System Requirements

  • Shades requires a Macintoshâ„¢ computer running Mac OS X 10.3 or later. Both PPC and Intel Macs are supported.

The latest changes in this version are:

  • * [fix] Function keys now work correctly when used as hot keys.
  • * [new] Added function keys 13-16 as hot key options. Please note that F16 maps to the same keycode as F6, so these keys cannot be used for different functions.
  • * [chg] Restructured hot key drop-downs to be more intuitive.
  • * [chg] Hot key brightness adjustment now has 20 levels instead of 10. For even finer control use the slider instead.
  • * [fix] Shades menu slider no longer appears behind floating windows belonging to other applications.

Shade is available free for download. Donations are welcome.

Download Link
Shades 1.1.4r2 (Macintosh PPC binary)
Shades 1.1.4r2 (Macintosh Intel binary)
Shades 1.1.4r2 (Macintosh Universal binary)

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