January 4th, 2007 by Keith

StressFreeZone RPG 0.1

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StressFreeZone RPG

Here is another Role-Playing Game (RPG) to introduce to you. StressFreeZone RPG project is a massive multi-platform RPG system that is capable of running on Linux, Windows and other operating systems (OS). This game is programmed on the idea of an online role-playing game, which offers as much interactivity with the environment as possible. The game is developed based on SDL libraries and uses OpenGL.

The goal of the game is for the players to take the role of building houses and simple vehicles. Some of the features are shown below.

StressFreeZone RPG
New Features

  • · sample manager added
  • · samples useable from script
  • · memory debugger added
  • · removed chest codeclass
  • · removed oman/Object_Chest.cpp
  • · completed mover codeclass
  • · added kObjectLink customdatatype, unused so far
  • · added gpLinkTarget and the possibility to ReLink to different objects
  • · corrected “ScriptCall” scriptfunction, was misspelled
  • · added “Call” script function

StressFreeZone RPG
Some of the screen shots are available on the right. (Click to enlarge).

The game is released under the GPL. It is available to download for free.

Download Link
StressFreeZone RPG 0.1

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