January 12th, 2007 by Keith

Tab Effect 1.1 – A MUST HAVE Firefox Extension

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Tab Effect

Never knew I might be fascinated by such a simple plugin for Firefox. Let me suggest this, Tab Effect is a must for you, if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

This extension is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. However, it is only applicable to Firefox running on Windows platform. It simply adds a tab switching cube effect to the browser.

If you are still wondering how special that effect is, think of it as switching between desktops using Virtue Desktops for Mac or XGL/Compiz on Linux. The tab effect is very similar to the cube switching effect on those applications. The visual effect is smooth, however it is advised that a reasonable good video card is necessary. The motion will appear sluggish if you are using an old video card.

Version Changes

  • - Fixed: URL bar dropdown menu is displaced out.
  • - Fixed: Browser crashing.

Note that, this is only available on Windows, require users to be running DirectX version 8 and above. It works on Firefox versions 1.1.x – 2.0.x.

Download Link
Tab Effect 1.1

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