January 23rd, 2007 by Keith

TrayList Player 1.0

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Traylist Player

Have a truly unique media player and m3u playlist manager at your fingertip. Yes, that is referring to TrayList Player 1.0. The application has the ability to load and play users’ customised playlists from the system tray with just a few clicks on the mouse. It also allows the player to jump from one playlist to another, and back again without even requiring to open the application window.

The interface has an organised look, with an easy-to-use structure, allowing users to customise the music collection into manageable playlists, which can be loaded directly from the system tray, on the fly.

Furthermore, the player includes a party mode that allows music to be played continuously all night without needed to touch the player, and reactivate the playlist. Simply click on the “Stare Party” button and let the player handle the music.

Nice Features:

  • * ID3 Tag Display
  • * File count in playlist (shows how many tracks are in each list)
  • * playlist size calculation (incase you intend to export your playlists to your external mp3 player) (NOTE: export function still in production)
  • * Autohide function will allow the window to close as soon as it loses focus
  • * Start with system (only with installer version)
  • * Start minimized And More

Note that the demo version has been released for Beta Testing. Users can download the version for free. Anyone who submits the beta test information will receive a free unlock code for the final release. So, don’t wait, there is no harm in trying it out, and getting a licensed version for free.

Interested party will have to email rizla2k6@googlemail for more information.

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