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VirtueDesktops 0.54b2 – Virtual Desktop Manager

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VirtueDesktops Screenshots

Developed by Thomas Staller for Macintosh users, Virtue Desktops is a virtual desktop manager for Apple’s Mac OS. Offering great features with eye candy and configurable options, this applications is able to demonstrate what other desktop manager can.

Based on previous work done by Rich Wareham on DesktopManager, VirtueDesktops is presently licensed under the GPL.

Key Features

  • * Virtual screens: an unlimited number of virtual screens at your disposal
  • * Eye candy: exciting transitions and window fading
  • * Universal binary: runs at full speed on your shiny new intel-based mac
  • * AppleScript-able: script your desktop experience
  • * Unobtrusive: VirtueDesktops does not clutter your desktop – it gets in, switches your virtual screen and then quietly hides itself, waiting for your next request
  • * Extensible: install plugins to add additional features
  • * Exposé: works well with Apple’s Exposé
  • * Keeps you informed: notifications and current desktop display orient you as you work across multiple virtual screens
  • * “Stick-ify” your windows or applications: Make your windows and applications visible across all of your virtual screens

An an open-source application, this software is available free for download from the link below. Both binaries and source codes are available.

Download Link
VirtueDesktops 0.54b2

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