January 3rd, 2007 by Keith

XPilot 4.5.4 – Multi-player Space Game

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XPilot Screenshot

Feeling bored? Try out this multi-player 2D client/server space game – XPilot. This game have features that resemble that of Atari coin-ups Asteriods and Gravitar, Trust and Gravity Force. However, XPilot has several other new aspects that does not exists in those games.


  • * True client/server based game; optimal speed for every player.
  • * Meta server with up to date information about servers hosting games around the world.
  • * A web of world-wide rating servers; compare your skills with pilots from all around the world, and climb the ladder of the world-wide rating list.
  • * ‘Real physics’; particles of explosions and sparks from your engines all affect you if you’re hit by them. This makes it possible to kill someone by blowing them into a wall with engine thrust or shock waves from explosions.
  • * Specialized editors for editing ship-shapes and maps.
  • * Game objective and gameplay adjustable through a number of options, specified on the commandline, in special option files, or in the map files. Examples of modes of the game:
    1. o classical dogfight; equipped with only your gun, you have to rely on your maneuvering and tactical skills
    2. o team; fight together, steal other teams’s treasures (involves flying around with a ball in a string, much like in Thrust) and blow up their targets (which are, no doubt, heavily guarded)
    3. o all out nuclear war; chose carefully between more than twenty weapon and defense systems to stay alive and annihilate your enemies
    4. o race; make it through the deadly course before your opponents
  • * Adjustable gravity; adjustable by putting special attractors or deflectors in the world, or by adjusting the global gravity in various ways.
  • * Cannons and personalized and vengeful robot fighters give you a hard time.
  • * Watch your energy, and remember to ‘dock’ with a fuel station to refuel before it’s too late.
  • * Defend your home base, or terrorize and steal someone else’s.
  • * Equip your ship with the 15+ defense and weapon systems: afterburners, cloaking devices, sensors, transporters, extra cannons, mines and bombs, rockets (smarts, torpedos and nuclear), ECM, laser, extra tanks, autopilot etc.

A server is required in order to play the game. Users need to connect to a server by using a client program called xpilot. There are always servers running if you check with the meta server, but if you for some reason do not want to join them, you’ll have to start a server of your own.

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