February 7th, 2007 by Keith

SoftSift Thumbnail Summary Plugin 1.2 Released

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Gallery Plugin

One of our site’s best asset, the latest version of SoftSift Thumbnail Summary Plugin 1.2, has just been released. Initially known as WordPress Gallery Plugin, we realised that Thumbnail Summary is much more suited to the application and hence this new name has been adopted.

Below is the change log for this version:

  1. Tested to ensure it works with WordPress 2.1
  2. Added support for non CURL installations
  3. Added debug mode to help with diagnostic

Thumbnail Summary plugin is designed to make it easy for blog visitor to see a visual summary of all your blog’s latest post. This enhances your blog readability and allow users to gain access to the right information quickly.

In addition, this plugin also serves a special purpose; that is, by providing more internal linking within your site, it improves your site’s Search Engine ranking and which is exceptionally useful for webmasters interested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Check out the latest release here.

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