February 17th, 2007 by Keith

uTorrent 1.6.1 Released Build 488

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After a long time since uTorrent 1.6 stable was released, it almost seems that their “production” has come to a standstill. But not true, two days ago, uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 488 was released.

In this version, the uTorrent team unintentionally resolved the exploit vulnerability in a beta version months ago. This torrent client has been optimised and further enhanced to ensure faster speed than before. It includes intelligent configurable disk caching to prevent wear-and-tear to your hard disk drive.

The change log includes information over the change from the previous release. uTorrent 1.6 is an extremely small size application which has a wide range functions, with impressive graphical user interface.

Change Log

  • - Feature: Select upload/download speed for a torrent through the rightclick menu
  • - Feature: Added encryption box to speed guide
  • - Change: Don’t check as many pieces at the same time.
  • - Change: Misc WebUI changes.
  • - Change: Switch to JSON for webinterface
  • - Fix: Problem with category list in the gui when updated from the webui
  • - Fix: WebUI not clearing state between requests.
  • - Fix: Redirect also index.html to guest.html
  • - Fix: Added On Now shows the time it’s added, not loaded.
  • - Fix: JSON uses ” instead of ‘
  • - Fix: (a) Upnp fix
  • - Fix: Show pause icon when checking is paused.
  • - Fix: Fixed problems with XML parser
  • - Fix: Don’t allow two message boxes to be shown in the RSS window
  • - Fix: Changed some window titles
  • - Fix: Fix malformed .torrent exploit
  • - Fix: Boss key field is now larger

So, finally it is time to upgrade to this latest version, if you are still using any previous versions of uTorrent.

Download Source
uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 488

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