February 12th, 2007 by Keith

WiFi Radar – Wireless Network Manager

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Wifi Radar

There are a few wireless network managers, each specific to their own Linux distro. Is there one that is an all-rounder? Well, possibly there is – WiFi Radar. Developed with Python and GTK2, this application is a utility for managing WiFi profiles.

WiFi Radar allows users with wireless network card to scan available networks and create profiles for these preferred networks. It can also be configured to load WiFi Radar during boot time, so that it will automatically scan for an available preferred network and connect to it instantly. In addition, it supports drag-and-drop feature.


  • * Python
  • * PyGtk2
  • * Wireless Tools for Linux (iwconfig)
  • * SpeechD (Optional)

WiFi Radar is released under the GPL, and the source codes can be download from the link below. However if you are using any one of the following Linux distros, i.e. Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and SuSE, there are packages made available for them.

Download Link
WiFi Radar (Official Tarballs)
WiFi Radar (Latest Codes from SVN)

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  1. Adi Sholla Says:

    i have to potenz my wairles network

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