February 10th, 2007 by Keith

XBattery 1.0

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As I am not a avid Macintosh user, but I feel that mobile users are particularly concern about their battery life. Businessmen who travels will always need to be on their toe to keep track that their MacBook batter life does not run low, out of a sudden; it can be quite embarrassing. XBattery 1.0 offers monitoring utility for Macintosh users, running Mac OS X.

This application has a customisable, user-friendly docking icon that displays your current battery level and charging status. The display is rather obvious, yet does not obscure your screen display. Providing users with a clear information of how much battery power is left, the software sure does a good job.

According to Jeremy Kezer, XBattery is available as a pre-release download. The latest version fixed the period problem with capacity window.


  • - any PowerBook or iBook running OS X 10.1 or later.
  • - XBattery is now a Universal Binary and is fully compatible with MacBooks and MacBook Pro’s!

XBattery has a $15 registration fee. Since it is a pre-release version, users can download it for free at the moment. Registration are available online from the registration site. Registered users will receive a free registration to XBattery when it is released in its final form.

Download Link
XBattery 1.0

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