March 10th, 2007 by Keith

AbiWord 2.5.1 – Microsoft Word Replacement

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If you do check out the screen-shot on the right, you might see that AbiWord is almost identical to Microsoft Word. The main difference is AbiWord is a free word processing software, suitable for a wide variety of word processing task, whilst Microsoft Word is not free.

The application includes plug-in support for most document formats including Word, Open Document, Open Office Writer, Word Perfect, and even Claris Works, as well as an optional equation editor and LaTeX and DocBook support.

Despite being just a word processor, all their focus ensures that the task is right. The application is capable of running on old systems, and a complete XP install including optional plugins takes up less than 30MB on the disk space. For the Mac users, AbiWord offers a native Aqua interface, so no more X-11 nonsense just to get the word processor running.

The latest stable release is version 2.4.6, whereas the development release is at version 2.5.1.

Download Link
AbiWord 2.5.1

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