March 10th, 2007 by Keith

gSyncit 1.5 – Synchronise between Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

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Synchronising between Microsoft Outlook and Google calendar in-sync is now easier with gSyncit. Developed by David Levinson, gSyncit is installed as a small toolboar in Microsoft Outlook, and users are able to configure gSyncit and synchronise the calendars with Google calendar.

gSyncit works by updating your Microsoft Outlook calendar with your Google calendar entries and then updating your Google calendar with your Microsoft Outlook entries. All appointments that occurred in the past 365 days and those that will occur in the next 365 days will be synchronized. The latest version now supports read-only synchronization with additional public and private Google calendars.

These are some features.

  • # Works manually or automatically.
  • # Supports synchronization of Google calendars to Outlook calendars.
  • # Supports synchronization of events 365 in the past and 365 into the future.
  • # Supports synchronization from Google to Outlook, Outlook to Google, or both.
  • # Uses the Google gData Calendar API’s

Please note that Google, through their public API’s, only supports two-way synchronization with default calendars. Secondary calendars and public calendars can only be updated into Outlook. Changes made to these appointments cannot be updated in the Google calendar using gSyncit.


  • # Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • # Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 or higher
  • # Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher

Download Link
gSyncit 1.5

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