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NotePadXP – NotePad Replacement

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For most of the Windows users, this new application may seem somewhat redundant, because Windows operating system (OS) already offer a free plain text editor, known as “NotePad” during the OS installation. However, we tend to forget that NotePad is usually poor in performance and most often lack of functionalities and capabilities to do additional tasks.

NotePadXP is a replacement for Windows NotePad. This software (NotePadXP) is developed with the aim to solve some of the problems faced by NotePad. Some of the features are shown below.



  • + Toolbars can be fully customizable to suit your need, for example, Colour, position, etc.;
  • + Editor itself can also be fully customizable like toolbars.
  • + Dockable toolbar;
  • + Every commands can be removed or added into toolbar;
  • + Ability to customize Date and Time formatting;
  • + Customizable shortcut keys for all functions;
  • + And many more.


  • + All features in the Windows’ NotePad;
  • + No file size limit;
  • + Multi-level Undo and Redo;
  • + Support multiple document open at any one time (MDI Interface);
  • + Standard MDI features (Cascade, Tile Vertical/Horizontal, Close All, etc.);
  • + Drag-and-Drop support;
  • + Find and Replace functions; Display different kind of information in the status bar;
  • + Document statistics (number of characters, number of lines, location of document, size of the document, etc.);
  • + Able to set attribute for each character including bold, italic, underline (Normal and dotted), bullets, strikeout, align text (Left, Centre, Right and Justify);
  • + Able to open Rich Text, PDF (Require Acrobat Reader installed in the system) and HTML files;
  • + Ability to open all files with specific file type in a given directory;
  • + Recent files opening;
  • + Auto URL detection and can open links in web browser;
  • + Encryption and decryption;
  • + Built-in spell checker;
  • + Built-in e-mail editor and send it to the default e-mail client;
  • + Advanced print preview function (Thumbnails, headers and footers);
  • + HTML Syntax highlighting;
  • + Ability to limit number of characters in one line;


  • + 6 themes available for you to choose (Office 2000, Office 2000 with Windows XP Visual Style Enabled, OfficeXP, Office 2003, Office in MacOS and MacOS X);
  • + 4 colour scheme available (Steel, Jungle, Red and Blue);

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