March 5th, 2007 by Keith

TribalWeb 2.25 Beta – P2P Networking

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Create your own private peer-to-peer network and ensure security is not compromised when transferring file. Well, to do that, you will need to have TribalWeb 2.25 Beta. The application allows users to create a P2P network with peers to exchange files, and broken exchanges are automatically resume with no data loss.

The interface developed on TribalWeb is very user-friendly, and some configurations such as upload speed limit, are optional which may help to save bandwidth for other programs. With this application, no one except users whom you have invited will be able to see the files that you are sharing. In addition, the communication is totally encrypted.


  • Easy
    1. # Install TribalWeb, select the folders you want to share and invite your friends to join your private network!
    2. # Share all your files (movies, pictures, documents…) no matter how large they are.
    3. # Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data loss.
    4. # All files are exchanged at maximum speed.
  • Secure
    1. # No one but the users of your network can see the files you share.
    2. # When exchanging a file, only the sender and the receiver are aware of the exchange.
    3. # All data exchanged on your network is encrypted (Blowfish encryption with a 128-bit key).
  • Free
    1. # All these features are included in the standard version and are totally free.
    2. # TribalWeb contains no adware and can be uninstalled easily.

Download Link
TribalWeb 2.25 Beta

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