April 16th, 2007 by Keith

CPUOff 4.1 – Monitoring Software

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Do you use a monitoring software to check how much your CPU average load is? If your system isn’t really running needed, why not shut it off to save electricity? Perhaps, you might want to consider CPUOff 4.1, a CPU monitor software from jsutils.com.

This application allows users to monitor the average CPU load and performs shutdown operation if the CPU load has been below a specific percentage over a period of specified time. Moreover, it can be started manually or automatically via the Windows Task Scheduler. It includes other configurations which users can specify to input parameters as according to every individual or system’s requirement. Apparently, it is ideal for saving energy, when a system is not really in use.

The program requires a registration code to run – this can be obtained free via the Download page. Registration codes from version 3.5 and 4.0 are compatible with version 4.1. The CPUOff Slave does not need a registration code.

To obtain the free software, click on the download page below.

Download Page
CPUOff 4.1

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