April 13th, 2007 by Keith

Joost 0.9.2 Released for Registered Users

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Joost was previously covered in this blog, but during that time, it is not released to public. In fact, users who wished to try out Joost will have to first register and wait for them to approve the registration.

By chance, I received an approval from Joost that the latest version of Joost 0.9.2 is out! I am quite ecstatic and could not wait to try out the new-generation Web television. The link to download the setup file is supplied in the email, on which I clicked linked me to this site (the link I am given was different from that site). Apparently, Joost development team has allowed the download of setup files to the public to install. However, not everyone could get to run the program, because it still need to verify with the user database from Joost server, to ensure that the person is a registered member.

Installation is a breeze. Once I run the program, it enlarged into full-screen (Users running Google desktop should take note that they are advised to minimise the sidebar, so as to improve visibility). From the panel, there are several categories to choose from; furthermore, users can get to search for the categories they want using keywords.

As much as I am amazed with the prospect of the Web TV, Joost has totally blown me away with excellent quality and high resolution images (note that you will need a fast broadband connection to achieve this quality). Also, I can probably imagine that is possible because of the limited number of users connecting to the server at this time as only registered members are allowed.

On the downside, there is a lack of variety to choose from. I won’t totally blame that because Joost is a totally new invention, with a fresh interface, which makes it very different from other Web TV applications.

Images represents a thousand words. I would leave it to you and enjoy Joost yourself. If you have received registration details from them, congratulations! Get plugged on, and enjoy Hi-definition Web Television first hand. Otherwise, it’s not too late to register and be part of the leading edge “potato couch”. All you need to run Joost is a fairly new computer with good graphics capabilities and a fast processor, as well as a broadband internet connection.

Sign up for Joost Newsletters today. Enjoy and Have Fun!

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