April 1st, 2007 by Keith

Power Folder Professional 1.1.2

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PowerFolder is a Secure, Open Source, Peer-to-Peer File Transfer Tool. This application allows users to share, backup, synchronize and access files over the Internet or in LAN (Local Access Network).

New Features in version 1.1.2

  • * Backup sync profiles added! Optimal for backing up data featuring decreased change detection time.
  • * Remote synchronization commando. Manually trigger the refresh/file scan on the remote machine!
  • * Automatic Windows firewall setup. Let PowerFolder setup your Windows Firewall to get optimal connectivity.
  • * Improved limited connectivity detection.
  • * PRO only: Easily track the newest files in your folder. Filelist can now be automatically written to disk as CSV file.
  • * PRO only: License file can be loaded from disk now.

Two versions are available; the professional edition and the free edition. The price for a 2 computer license (for Professional edition) starts at €41 (€59 regular).

Download the Free Edition
Power Folder 1.1.2

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