April 28th, 2007 by Keith

Skype Beta Now Available

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Skype 3

Released on April 25, 2007, Skype for Windows beta has some new changes in this release.

  • * known issue: Options – some incoming calls from people who haven’t been authorized
  • * known issue: Options – Audio settings sliders and feedback indicators not working correctly
  • * known issue: Options – Advanced settings sometimes return to Basic settings next time you go into options
  • * known issue: Options – Start Skype when I start Windows doesn’t match with settings on Sign-In screen
  • * feature: Call forwarding improvements
  • * change: Options overhaul
  • * change: New offline warning banners for 1:1 chats
  • * change: New RichText based hint window
  • * bugfix: Calls between Skype 3.2 beta versions had during silence strange background noise
  • * bugfix: Myself capture buttons were misplaced
  • * bugfix: Call duration was showed wrongly for very long calls
  • * bugfix: Chat guidelines were messed up when using double quotes in them
  • * bugfix: Importing Gmail contacts for non-English Gmail failed sometimes
  • * bugfix: File size was not displayed before accepting File Transfer
  • * bugfix: Skype changed IE6 text size to medium automatically
  • * bugfix: Link in chat topic was not clickable sometimes
  • * change: updated language files

Note that, this release is still currently under beta development. It is advised that users do not deploy it on production machines. To download Skype in other operating systems platform, the Linux and Mac OS X versions are available.

Download Installation File
Skype Windows for Beta

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