April 11th, 2007 by Keith

Skype Beta Now Released

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Skype 3

Just not long ago, since the previous beta version of Skype for Windows was released, the Developer Team has now unleashed the next beta version, Skype Beta for Windows. As it is still currently in beta stage, it is advised that users do not deploy this version on production machines. It is recommended only for experienced Skype users.


  • * known issue: On calls between Skype 3.2 beta version on during complete silence there is odd background noise
  • * feature: MSI installer
  • * feature API: New command OPEN LIVETAB
  • * improvement: Video user interface
  • * bugfix: Skype crashed when doing quick logout after login
  • * bugfix: On one to one call receiver could not add third party to call
  • * bugfix: Quickfilter added country prefix to contacts search
  • * bugfix: Contacts card displayed wrong information after quitting conference card to conference partners
  • * bugfix: Rich mood message line breaks
  • * bugfix: Contact List was messed up on some occasions
  • * bugfix: Skype crashed on conference call when it was turned into regular call and then back to conference call
  • * bugfix: Skype crashed on Vista when unplugged USB headset during a call
  • * bugfix: Audio handling on Vista improved

Feel free to try this beta version out. Other platforms for Skype are also available – Mac OS X and Linux.

Download Link
Skype for Windows BETA

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