April 19th, 2007 by Keith

Winners for Joost Invitations are…

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Joost Overlay

We have just had our Joost Giveaway Invitations yesterday which the response turns out to be better than expected.

I just wondered if I had given a poor instruction as some of the people did not actually do what was required; that is “…Simply leave a comment of your wish for the next generation of Web Media (software or device)…

But anyway, it probably make my life easier by streamlining the winners who got the invites to… *drum rolls*….

…..exactly 3 people.

Congratulations to the following winners below:

  1. Miketeleporter
  2. olivervirtual womens (gosh… you must have watched too much sci-fi movies)
  3. CyberEddielight-weight, solar-based, multimedia with wifi-capable device

Winners will be notified by emails shortly. So, remember to check your email account (the one that you have used when making your post).

Update: Invites have been sent out to the respective emails. Joost should be sending you the information shortly. Enjoy!

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